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Web based software for chemical inventory (chemoventory v3.0)

How much it will cost for smaller institution (less than 1000 users) ?

Lite version $100 value is free.
Standard version is $500 one time fee
Developer version is $2000 one time fee or $500/year for 5 years.
Larger institution, please contact for the support and requirement gathering fee.
Software as Service starts from $200/Year for 25 users

Please support chemoventory, this is really fraction of cost of many other commercial chemical softwares.

To pay by creditcard using Amazon/paypal click below:

We do accept US/Canadian Purchase Order. Please register and send separate email to

Products Amount Amazon Paypal Demo
Lite Version $100 value is free   Lite Demo
Standard Version $500
Standard/ Developer Demo
Developer version (Complete Source Code) $2000
Refer Above
Upgrade from Standard to Developer version $300
Refer Above
Get latest versions for prior customers $200
Refer Above
BOM software Standard $300 BOM
Premium Support $100    
Software As A Service $20-$50/month
Standard Demo
Custom Development Service Starts from $250  
Custom Development Service
PS: There are no shipping Charges and no Tax for the above items. Refer to our tax guide.

You have 30 days money-back guarantee (less any bank charges) on standard version of this software. Within 30 days, if you decide to not to go ahead write a snail mail letter stating that the chemoventory will not be used in the future at your premise. Your money will be returned, no question will be asked.

All eligible owners will get free upgrade for two years. Source code of entire software is readily available as developer version. You are allowed to modify or distribute for one site/installation.

All registered users will get free updates on bugs or any future updates. To get free installation support, please register/enter your email here.

To pay by check/PO in US funds, please register and also send email to Once we received your funds/PO details, we will send the product within 2 working days.

We do accept international orders, excluding US restricted countries. Please note that, we prefer US Bank Check or Amazon/Paypal orders. All wire transfer costs additional US $10 per order.
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