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Barcode Help

Many customers has asked about what kind of printers chemoventory support. We have been traditionally telling any kind of laser printers works. Chemoventory does not require special barcode printers and saves quite a bit of your money. However, this did not help for automation.

To enhance automation. we have researched few printers and identified label printers costing less than $100 is most suitable. In our research lab we bought Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer from Amazon for $55 with Brother Continuous Length 2-3/7 Inch Wide Paper Label Roll (DK-2205). This worked perfect for printing barcode. To make it work, we have modified print_barcode.php with css scripts. Also, when printing web pages, we have removed, headers, footers and number of pages.

After installing the printer:
1. Make sure, you choose correct label length
2. Choose correct print size length (about 2" )
3.Adjust your printing size in the script accordingly

Barcode configuration for label printers

You should connect label printer to specific computer. So that you can configure the web page printing from that computer. Open web page printing for the given browser. Adjust the following
1. page size
2. choose landscape in most cases.
3. All margins should be set to zero
4. And leave all header/footer empty.

You may need to adjust page size iteratively

Here are few label printers to choose:

Regarding barcode scanners, we are recommending USB based contactless barcode scanners. Please note that chemoventory does not requires 2D barcode scanners. Depending on your usage and environment, you may need wireless scanners.

We are still investigating portable USB barcode for further enhancement. We will release the investigation and recommendation as soon as it is available.

This page was last modified on Thu, 29 Jun 2017 20:01:20 -0400